Finding Identity. Restoring Hope.

Serving homeless and at-risk youth by providing the necessary resources to overcome their circumstances, find their identity, and have hope for tomorrow.

The Restoration House is a nonprofit that is focused on healing the wounds of the broken young generation who grow up in poverty and on the streets, feeling like they have no hope for tomorrow.

Our Strategy is Simple:


Make contact with youth through our street outreach teams and begin meeting their basic needs.


Once contact is made, encourage them to check out our Drop In Center, where they can hang out wash their clothes, take a shower, get clothes and food, and access to case management.


Case managers make relationships with the youth, and find out what their long term needs/goals are, while encouraging them and developing some long term plans with the youth.


Get them plugged into and active in a local mentoring or self-development organization. Along with connecting to that organization, we will identify someone within that group who is willing to commit to a minimum of a 1 year or 2-year mentoring relationship with the youth as a volunteer


Develop opportunities for youth to serve others. We believe that the best way to get out of any kind of destitute situation is by focusing on others and giving back to the community, which is why we will have street cleanup teams and street revitalization teams that our youth will be apart of.


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Outreach Program

The outreach program has two main goals: to identify youth where they are, whether they are homeless, couch hopping from one place to another, or simply at risk of dangerous behavior, and get them access to basic needs, shelter, and case management; secondly, to conduct presentations to various organizations in the community in order to communicate how we can assist them, as well as be a benefit to the community.

Case Management

This program will provide case management to identify current issues, add accountability by creating a self-guided action plan, goal setting and to also be an advocate for the youth. The Case Managers would strategically help the youth target the areas in their lives that they would like to see change and design an Individual Service Plan based on the need.


The goal of this program is to provide the education and mentoring needed to be able to help youth overcome hurdles they have in their life. This will be accomplished by providing guided life skills classes, educational classes such as GED opportunities/vocational training opportunities, and volunteer mentor programs.

Drop-In Center (The Rock)

The Drop-In Center is where youth will get access to basic needs such as a food pantry, clothing, hygiene products, and other things. Youth can also access a shower, wash clothes, get access to educational and vocational support and training. Of equal importance is that this will be a safe place for youth where they can feel free to be themselves.

The Numbers

According to the US Dept of Education, Missouri is in the top ten for homeless students across the country.


of 18-24 year olds live in poverty.


of 18-24 year olds without diploma or GED.


of 16-19 year olds are neither working or going to school.


Unemployment rate for 20-24 year olds


of 18-19 year olds have children

A Different Approach

At Restoration House we know a good part of our youth may not have the necessary life skills being shared at home, so our goal is to reach the youth of this city and nurture their entire being. Many of the statistics above show the disparity that our city possesses, but for Restoration House, these statistics show ground that needs to be worked. They show the possibility and the potential of the power of love. Restoration House is where basic needs meet the whole person. Through our á la carte Case Management, we will be able to cater to the basic needs that our youth need most, as well as handle the entire person. The Case Management services will allow Restoration House case managers to engage with the youth and find out where the youth is in need with basic needs, intensive needs, and necessary referrals.  In conjunction with that, Restoration House has relationships and alliances with local organizations to draw mentors and to refer our youth to the biggest piece of the puzzle. We are centered on the whole person. We are restoring the brokenness and allowing the pieces to come back together so that our youth can share their wholeness and impact our community one child at a time. We are the restoration.

You can make a difference.

The restoration House has a few critical ways that are of great importance for the growth of our programming.



As we progress forward, we will need more and more volunteers of all backgrounds to help accomplish the mission of the Restoration House. Examples could be joining our weekly outreach teams who go out into the streets and meet the basic needs of our homeless friends, and provide them prayer, love, and some basic essentials, such as blankets or food. Or maybe you’re a detail minded person and would enjoy helping to organize volunteers, activities, events, and/ or logistics. Or maybe you’d be interested in mentoring a youth, or cooking some meals, There are so many ways you can get involved.

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Help fuel the what we are are doing by making a donation. We have made it safe, easy and secure for you to give easily online. We are 100% funded by donations by people like yourself who have a burden for our young generations in poverty and on the streets. We do not seek public and state funding because we want to be able to maintain our identity without having to change who we are. That is why donations from people like yourself are critical to the success of our mission. Whether its through a one time donation or a regular monthly donation, every bit is critical to the mission.